Everything begins with a good idea, a dream.
Match that with a skilled Business Developer and Designer from ORB to help you build out your business plan. Set a rough budget, validate your ideas and let us help you do the rest. Designing successful businesses is what we do, and we can provide you the knowledge you need to build a plan and launch your restaurant.


Your plan of action can make or break your business
A business plan is the tool you need to develop your strategy, to understand the local market, to plan what the exact expenses will be open your restaurant and to get an idea about what your return on investment will be. This stage is critical and can reduce any uncertainty about starting a business if done correctly.


What makes you stand out among all other restaurants?
This is the stage in which you design and develop your unique selling propositions, your logos and personalized menu. Everything  should work together to create a memorable brand that customers find engaging and inviting. Work with an ORB marketing specialist to create the brand you’ve always dreamed of.


You need a high foot traffic location for your business to flourish.
Success begins with your food service being in the right spot for your customers. Whether that be in the center of a high traffic area with a large dining space or a Ghost Kitchen, ORB can help assess various locations to determine what’s best for your restaurant. Size, construction & renovation parameters, and more.


A restaurant requires a variety of permits and licenses before you can start serving food to customers.
Most restaurants close within their first year because they over look the importance of properly obtaining all the required permits and licenses to serve food and beverages to customers. We can help you get fully licensed and ready to go for launch.


Every piece of equipment to operate out of your kitchen needs to be chosen with care.
Everything has a purpose, an associated cost, and shelf life. Once your menu concept is ready we can work with you to plan, select and source reliable, high-quality equipment for purchase with both cash or through various financing options.


You need dedicated suppliers for your regular inventory of ingredients and smallwares to ensure your day-to-day operations go without a hitch.
Your menu is dependent on accessible ingredients, sourced locally or through delivery, all the while your dining experience is defined by your smallwares. We can assist you in sourcing the right suppliers.


Sourcing the right contractor for any job is time consuming and costly.
ORB has a dedicated distributor and partner list of high-quality contractors and service providers who specialise in commercial restaurant property projects and will guarantee and industry standard of service for setting up your business as designed.


Your nearly ready to go live. Now it’s time to start thinking about hiring the right staff, installing the proper POS, and operating your to succeed.
We will find and train staff to the specification of your menu and equipment to ensure your business operates smoothly from day one. Make sure everyone is up to date on proper operation and maintenance procedures.


Your dream is now a reality.
You’ve successfully opened your doors and are ready to service hungry customers to your beautiful new location, delicious menu items and talented staff. We have been there every step of the way and are ready to take your investment to the next level. Ask an ORB rep about what we can do for you about Marketing & Advertising.


Let us help you succeed beyond your wildest imagination.
We provide support through post-launch marketing & advertising support with a dedicated team of creative marketers ready to push your brand out to hungry customers. We will help with all of your online digital marketing & advertising, social media management, building customer acquisition strategies, develop special promotions, provide both graphic design and video production, as well as web development & SEO marketing management.